what’s that new tab on my nav bar?

It’s GetCru our powerful, free FSM enhancement

On or before October 31,

you’ll see this new tool that will change the way you connect with customers.

What’s GetCru?

GetCru is our new tool and mobile app that let’s you take your current services up a notch. You can ditch the hassles of voicemail and connect directly with all your customers with instant service requests that can include photos, text, time stamps and more. Plus, all your conversations are kept in one convenient place. With GetCru you can also:

  • Easily convert requests into work orders within field service management
  • Send service locations
  • Add/remove techs and internal employees to/from customer communications
  • Use the mobile app to gain transparency with all communications

It’s an optional enhancement, but it can help you quickly and easily manage all of your customer communications right from the palm of your hand.

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